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XM Bodyweight Fitness Program

Hi everyone,

Coach Connie here and welcome to XM (Xtreme-Measures) All Bodyweight Fitness Program. I'm so glad your here because you are taking a step towards better health and wellness. So let's get going.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND on this program...

I created the workouts to help in my own personal health and wellness journey. I wanted to build muscle, gain strength and endurance without spending hours in a gym. I also needed a "jumpstart" to get on track with a lifelong routine. I knew the only way this could work was to make it simple, portable, and easy. I also wanted to design a program that didn't require an investment in equipment or a gym. So there you have it, the XM Bodyweight Fitness Program - There are 24 months of Amazing workouts! So here you go. 


1. The program is 1 month (there are 24 months in total)

2. Each program has only 4 exercises (easy to learn)

3. Each exercise targets a specific muscle group

4. The exercise is a compound exercise

(meaning it works out multiple muscles in 1 move, biggest bang for the buck!) 

5. The routine is progressive through the month

(you build on a base starting slow and then add REPS)

6. You have REST DAYS!

7. START with MONTH 1

You can alter the exercises easily (harder or simpler) 


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